PS ™ Number 11 - Lip Zone


     increase his lips 

    The relief pellets will allow you to rebalance your body significantly by acting on the most stressed organs.

    ✧Increase and complete your arms
    ✧Fixed result
    ✧ Natural product

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    Category: CHEZBelette Low Technologies

    Aid drops number 11 

    Shaped as a perfect marble, with a pretty “white” color, this drop is a scientific marvel in the service of good.
    Pleasant to the eye, you will always have a very hard time swallowing it.
    Its light and unctuous texture will take the shape of your palate, to let itself melt delicately.

    On the tongue, or under the tongue, this drop lets itself melt in the mouth.
    Its absorption will not leave you indifferent, and will in no time bring you a feeling of well being, which will last for 4 hours.
    These aid drops will allow you to put an end to your suffering without ending life.
    1/2 teaspoon a day, twice a day and at a fixed time.

    Dimension : L200mmm D200mm
    Materials : starch, natural ingredients from organic agriculture.
    The aid drops will allow you to sensibly rebalance your body by acting on the most stressed-out organs.
    Learn to listen to your body to localise the places that you feel most affected. 

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