Stargate Keyring

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    Timeless keyring of a rare beauty. Not only is it beautiful, but it will also transport you.
    This keyring is a technological marvel. The particles of which it is made up have been accelerated directly in Switzerland.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    Fine, pure, a compound of the most noble materials, the Stargate keyring was born from the stars.
    The thin suede cow leather strap goes majestically into the metal shrine, to bring the two extremities together.
    The beauty of this gesture does not end here. Once your finger has been slipped inside the loop, you will notice that nothing goes on, and that everything is transformed.

    Both a secret object and a strong symbol, the stargate keyring is ideal to follow you on all your important trips, those for which everything will matter.
    To be worn in a pocket or as a pendant, the stargate keyring opens all the doors.

    Dimensions : L120mm
    Materials : suede cow leather, star dust, precious metals.


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