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    You just finished your dosage?

    C h e z b e l t t e works with exclusively natural products, also from organic farming.
    This will is what makes our mark and why people value our know-how.

    To ensure that your goal is achieved, the company has put in place a remarkable device in the form of a balance sheet, with a professional.
    Depending on the cure you make, the balance sheet will allow three things.

    The first is to verify that the cure has been done correctly. For laboratories, regularity is extremely important.

    When a cure is not optimal, and it includes catch errors, oversights or delays of more than 10 minutes, the impact on the results can be significant.

    The assessment will allow you to evaluate the impact on your results.

    When your cure is progressive dosage, laboratories will increase your dosage or correct errors. (This concerns all the spare pellets, creams and cure Black One, KARD and INFINIMENT)

    When your cure is progressive and adaptive dosage laboratories will adapt the composition of your cure according to your morphology, your goal and your results. (This concerns all cures in special authorization and cure Kard and Infiniment)

    The stages of an end-of-dosing report:


    This step is important because it makes it possible to verify that the cure was done correctly. Laboratories will need the maximum amount of information to adjust your cure. Without this accurate information the cure can not be properly dosed where possible.

    Health and lifestyle

    The second step is to establish a portrait of your lifestyle. The advantage of using natural products is not to force the body chemically. Mechanically the transformation takes place naturally.

    During this stage the laboratories will take into account your eating habits, your lifestyle, medication if you have any.

    The information allows you to adapt your cure (adaptive dosing only)

     Results analysis

    The last step is to understand the progression and to estimate the transformation rate compared to all the personalities who have been in business since 2012.

    Laboratories will also consider your potential to transform you. To reach a goal quickly, it is better to have excellent potential.

    At this stage, the laboratories are likely to ask for changes related to the lifestyle of personalities, if the progress is not satisfactory in terms of statistical criteria.

    An action plan for the future is discussed.

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