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    A job from your photos

    Laboratories c h e z b e l t t e. offer to recycle your unused digital files into a true work of art.

    You receive your print or canvas created from your digital waste, allowing you to have a very personal work.



    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit


    c h e z b e l t t e. created genuine pieces of art signed and recognized in the world of art, from your digital files (JPEG, DOC, PNG).
    You have an application to send your files so that they can be reworked and recycled.

    USE :
    To avoid mass destruction of information, while avoiding premature wear of planet Earth, you can have at home an original work of art from digital residues sent by personalities from around the world.

    Recycling is a creation of physical or digital work from your files.
    Digital print or canvas.
    Technique Mixte.


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