Rinsing Basin

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    This basin will allow you to rinse yourself wherever you may be.


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    Roundly shaped, surely deep, this rinsing basin tells the story of the incredible encounter between beauty and technical perfection.
    Its slightly angular rim will allow you to hold with one single hand. Which is practical if you only have one.
    Its depth is majestically proportionate to its width.
    There is nothing more beautiful than this rinsing basin.
    This basin is made to receive the most beautiful elements.
    Its leather handle enables you to carry it around on all occasions.


    To be filled with the liquid you have chosen, or with substantial materials, this basin will always be there for you, in the hard moments of life, or in sickness.
    Also appreciated by great sportsmen, it will allow you to get rinsed after intense physical activity.
    Thanks to this basin, you will be able to eliminate the residual salinity of your body and to recover your before workout level.
    May be used with holy water.

    Dimensions : L30cm x w30cm
    Capacity : 3L


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