Secret Box Book


    The box book amazes not by its aspect, but by the secret it contains?

    Discover the secret your Box Book encloses.


    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit

    The deception is striking! No one could imagine that this book is in fact only a box enclosing secrets.
    In wood and leather which imitates the cover of old books, this box book is of an astounding beauty. Conceived by CHEZBelette for Karl Lagerfeld, it will slip easily into your library without raising suspicions.
    Beware, this box book will bluff you!

    Inside in your living-room or in your library, but also during the holidays to amaze your fiends.
    You can also have fun by opening the box with secrets to read your lifetime’s biggest secrets out of it.
    This book is delivered with the product “Secret Revealed”

    Dimensions : L297mm x l210mm x P300mm
    Secret : recycled paper.


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