Small suppository collider

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    Refine your belly before a parade.

    ✧ For the abdomen and abdominal belt.
    ✧ For athletes and non-athletes
    ✧ Progressive effects
    ✧ A catch

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    Category: c h e z b e e t e - Creator of Form and Spirit


    Adored by actors, singers, politicians, this work will awaken your interior.

    The ingredients that go into the composition of this product are not only from organic farming but also meet our highest quality requirements of manufacture.

    c h e z b e l t t e. designs, manufactures and markets the large suppository collider. This program allows you to lose belly fat and increase your chance of success in your life.

    All suppositories are made by our laboratories only with natural products safe for the body.

    USE :
    Delivered in a box of 2 suppositories to be taken 24 hours before an important event
    Two suppositories once a day. To renew if necessary


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      J'ai reçu deux suppositoires, mais j'en prends un et l'autre 5jours après? Ou les deux le même jour?

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