The institute ' CHEZBelette designed for you Buy Do Nothing for you to do so in sécurté

I drink for you


CHEZBelette  has designed Pataboire to allow you to commit a drinker in your place. Ideal for travel at home for your daily use, or when watered evenings.



You want to apply and work in CHEZBelette House France or abroad?


You created a BEECH living by a simple click, and we congratulate you on it. The birth it perfectly well passed, and your child is inclined to meet you.

Dirty Socks


Chaussettes Sales ™ est odorantes naturellement, sans ajouts de produits chimiques.

Walking Stone™


Several years of research were necessary to achieve one of the most incredible systems in the world. Walking Stone ™ allows you to walk without difficulty and easily overcome all obstacles that stand before you.

Cobbles Vending Machine


After 5 years of research, CHEZBelette laboratories have developed the Cobbles Vnedong Machine ™ 

Belle Merde ™


Les laboratoires CHEZBelette vous proposent une expérience inédite et résolument urbaine. 
Poser une Belle Merde dans la rue, à l’endroit où vous le souhaitez. 

Docteur Rire™


Véritable cure de jouvence, le rire va instantanément vous rééquilibrer, réinitialiser votre système.