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    Dirty Socks

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    <h1><img src="" alt="" width="50" height="50" />Dirty sock produced in France</h1> <p>The innovative labs offer you the Socks Sales ™ so you can wear Dirty Socks with the highest quality. Its unique system combines the dirty foot selected with care by our operators, and the clean sock, in order to obtain the best natural cooperation.</p> <p>Dirty socks are produced to order to guarantee the quality of the result.</p> <p>Our dirty feet are selected according to strict requirements, in order to wear clean socks during intense activities to be then harvested directly on the feet, in our own farms after 78 hours minimum.<br />Dirty Sock are naturally fragrant without additions of chemicals.</p> <p><strong>DESCRIPTION:</strong></p> <p>c h e w e l e t t e product and market Socks Sales ™<br />With more than 4,000 customers every year worldwide, Socks Sales ™ has since 2005 become a reference product in the world of luxury.£<br />C h e w e l t t e produces its own dirty socks directly on quality feet, according to ancestral manufacturing processes, to allow you to wear socks of impeccable dirt.</p> <p><strong>USE :</strong><br />Socks Sales ™ is perfect for social parties that smell.<br />To wear as well with tight jeans as a three-piece suit.<br />Dirty socks are shared with friends.</p> <p><strong>CHARACTERISTICS :</strong><br />Cashmere and cotton socks.<br />Natural odor of perspiration</p>
    Dirty Socks