Threatening File


    The threatening file is the indispensable tool to impress your adversary.
    Carry it under your arm and wave it when you feel threatened.


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    Complete, all-purpose, the threatening file will allow you to defend yourself as soon as you feel attacked by a third party.
    With its very contemporary shape and sober colors, the threatening file will know how to make you not only important, but particularly credible when facing your adversary.
    Its content testifies that you have proofs of his guiltiness, or of your non guiltiness (depending on the option you have chosen).
    You will be able to note to what extent your adversary will be disconcerted on seeing this pretty cumbersome file.

    To make believe, to fool your adversary, the threatening file is to be carried under the arm, or in your hand, to give you some importance in the road.
    Wave it in front of your adversary, or of television cameras, saying “I have proofs”.
    Ideal before a trial to pressure.

    Dimensions : A4
    Materials : 90g paper, graphic displayboards, numbers.
    Content: proofs of guiltiness or of non guiltiness.


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