Test de beauté intérieure urinaire

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    What color are you?
    Reveal your interior beauty thanks to this test. 


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    Revolutionary, this interior beauty test will allow you to truly know in what glance what everyone tells you, but that you refuse to believe. CHEZBelette laboratories have perfected this test for women, at their request.
    You just need to urinate on the strips to reveal the result.
    Practical, this test can be put away in its traveling pouch to keep it with you always.

    At home, during a party with friends, at the university or at work, you can bring this test any place you wish.
    To be used if you have a doubt, or to know the truth. Show this test to your friends when they have doubts about your beauty.
    Copy and paste the result on your facebook page.

    Dimensions : standard
    Materials: test strips
    Quantity : 5 strips


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