Washing Wedding Gloves


    These gloves or of a yet unattained refinement.
    They will allow you to wash your life out with formidable efficiency.


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    Noble, these long transparent PVC and latex-free gloves will be your everyday accomplices.
    Each glove is composed of five fingers of different sizes to match your hand.
    The extension above the elbow makes sure you holds up efficiently, even in the most difficult moments.
    Its transparent and silky material foretells the beauty of your arms.

    In the kitchen or at the office behind your computer, never again will you let them go. These gloves designed by Juanita Soares have been specially conceived for active women. To go from dish washing to mopping, from mopping to cleaning the children, and then to your second wedding ceremony, the integrate and adapt precisely to all circumstances.
    With the Washing Gloves, you will wash your life out with formidable efficiency.

    Dimensions : L80 centimeters
    Materials : latex-free PVC.


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